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If We Can Help You:

Afford to have your dog(s) and/cat(s) spayed or neutered please call 690-2723 or follow the steps below:

Step 1. Complete an Application - one for each pet

                                    Applications can be picked up at:     Kenai Veterinary Hospital

                                                                                                   Twin Cities Veterinary Clinic

                                                                                                   Kenai Animal Shelter

                                                                                                   Blue Moose Bed & Biscuit

                                                                                                   Download from this site.

Step 2. Send application(s) by regular mail to:  Peninsula Spay/Neuter Fund, P.O. Box 1612, Soldotna, AK

                                            or e-mail to:  [email protected]

Step 3. When received we will contact you to go over how the program works, who it is for,

              and if funds are available, send you a coupon(s) to help with the cost of spay or neuter surgery.