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Common Misunderstandings About Spaying & Neutering

1. My pet should have one litter before she is


There is no basis for this claim. Spaying before the first heat can eliminate a number of infections and cancers, as well as prevent unwanted births.

2. We always find homes for kittens.....

Meanwhile, millions of adult cats will die simply because no one found them a home. Often a home is only temporary. Once they start to grow up they are often given up or abandoned.

3. It costs too much money.....

Puppies and kittens cost money too, especially when you cannot find homes. And if the female has difficulty with her pregnancy her life will be in danger and require expensive surgery.  

4. My pet is so special there should be more

    like her....

There is no guarantee that a puppy or kitten will be just like its parents. Your local shelter has many special pets that only have a few days to live. Pick one who is already wonderful!

5. Neutering or spaying my pet will make it fat

    and lazy....

Too much food and too little exercise makes any animal fat and lazy.

6. We don't need to neuter males because

    they aren't the ones having litters....

In one month, a male dog can easily impregnate 15 females, resulting in as many as 90 puppies!

The Miracle of Life

- Some people wait to sterilize their pets so that their children can

  witness the "miracle of birth".

- Witnessing the miracle of birth is only one part of the picture.

- Teaching compassion for homeless animals and a lifelong 

   commitment to owning a pet are lessons which will benefit your

   children their whole lives.

- Observing wildlife in the spring is a better way to witness the 

   miracle of birth.

- Taking your children to the Animal Shelter will show them why it 

   is important to be responsible........... all of the animals there

   need a home.

The Reality IS........


Some "Pawsitive" Facts

- Sterilized animals are less likely to bite.  The majority of animals

  that bite people have not been spayed or neutered.

- Altered animals can live longer, healthier lives. Reproductive 

  cancers and infections are reduced or eliminated.

- Neutered cats are less likely to mark their territory by spraying.

- Animals that have been spayed or neutered are less likely to

  roam, run away or get into fights. 

- And best of all there will be fewer homeless animals!